The first step to gaining practical experience.

You have already gained your first experience by learning the theory, now it's time to put it into practice. If you have a burning desire to work on exciting challenges and projects, we'll happily welcome you on board.
For example, you can work with us on future financing options for our fleet business or on the alternative drive systems of tomorrow. Or perhaps you are interested in streamlining our production processes or would like to hone your negotiating skills in our Procurement division.

You know best which challenges you want to tackle. We know that you'll be stimulated and encouraged from the outset in each of your placements, and will be given real projects to work on in your team. And who knows, you could be saying good morning, Guten Morgen or buenos días. Because we also offer the chance to work in our locations around the world.

Whatever you choose, an internship with us opens up new horizons and can also smooth the path to a long-term career.

Those of you who are already certain that you want to pursue a career with Daimler can enroll on our enterprise-wide "Daimler Student Partnership" program. Participants get a flying start to their career before they've even graduated thanks to our individually tailored development programs.

The quickest route to an internship is via our job search function, where you'll find all the current recruitment opportunities.