Tips for your application: your way to Daimler.

1. Overview: online application

Taking the first step quickly and directly: applying for a job online guarantees that your documents find the way to our personnel department without any delay- with just a few mouse clicks. Whether you answer to a job advertisement posting under the menu item 'Job Search' or send an application on your own initiative: the online application is the quickest way for you and us to reach our goals.

When sending an online application you can set up an individual covering letter for every job you choose to apply for. Your other documents like CV, certificates, etc. are simply attached as a file. Bear in mind, however, that the attachment is not supposed to exceed 4 MB. It might make sense to assemble all your documents before starting to fill in the application form.

Just a little hint: while filling in the form, you can avoid loss of data (for instance during lengthy periods of editing or when the Internet connection has been inactive for too long) by clicking on the floppy disc symbol of the navigation bar and saving the form to on the temporary memory.

2. Making a good start: the application process

Now that the basis for your online application is clear, you can get started! Under 'Job Search' you can reply directly to a job posting. If your documents meet our expectations, you'll be invited to a job interview as the next step. We'll arrange an interview or a telephone call, to get to know you. Depending on the job you have applied for, further steps may follow. When applying for our trainee programme CAReer, you will be invited to participate in online tests and to come to Daimler's assessment center.

By the way: you can apply for more than one job with your online profile. All you need to do is open the job posting you are interested in and click on the button 'Online Application'. By entering your e-mail address and password in the field 'Back again!', your stored data will be downloaded from our data base. If you do not want to make any changes, you can simply send the form by pressing 'Send'. If you wish, you can edit your profile under 'Profile Management' under the menu item 'My Career'.

You haven't found the right job?

Well, just drop in again a little later. Our job postings are updated on a daily basis. Under 'My Career', you can create a short profile. The advantage: you will receive interesting job offers as per e-mail. When you have sent us an application on your own initiative, we will be looking for suitable vacant jobs for a period of six months. If the search is not successful in this period of time or if you have withdrawn your application before that, you are welcome to apply again on your own initiative.