Every day is different. 
And that's the beauty of it.

CAReer – these 6 letters stand for both our groupwide trainee program and a concept that we fully believe in. The entire process is focused on your personal development and the automotive industry in general. To ensure you make optimum use of the 15 to 18 months duration of the program, we tailor the finer details of the schedule to your expectations, abilities and goals. This means that you get more out of the trainee program. Which takes you forward, and takes us forward as well.

You get a lot out of your training with Daimler. And you give a lot back.

You complete 3 project phases, starting in the area in which you’ll start your career at Daimler (Entry Function). The second project assignment falls outside this area (Cross-Unit). Here, you begin to broaden your horizons and get a greater feel for the company as a whole. Giving you a more rounded Daimler experience your third project assignment will be abroad (International). This allows you to extend your knowledge in an international context.

The best preparation for international work? International work.

The project assignments are not the only times when you'll come into contact with our operations outside your home country. Our "off-the-job" training modules also give you a taste of the company's multinational character.
You'll learn and work together with other CAReer trainees, who have been recruited from all over the world.

Moving forward together.

At Daimler we work as a team across borders and time zones. What does that feel like? We would prefer it if you found out for yourself. During your various project assignments you can show what it takes to move forward together.

Our doors are open to you. Step inside.

Your core tasks as a trainee at Daimler are to learn and to become familiar with your entry function, associated business areas, international locations and your many fellow trainees. Gaining an insight into different subject areas and processes and seeing how other people work is the only way to be sure of getting the full picture.

What you should know:

We are looking for applicants with an outstanding degree and a convincing personality. You should already be able to offer first practical experience – also in an international context. Ideally, you should bring the willingness to take over responsibilities and to make progress swiftly.