The functional fields in the CAReer program.

One of them will be just right for you.

Depending on what the focus of your degree or your work experience placement was and where your career interests lie, you can choose to start in one of the following fields.

Engineering, Research & Development
Get involved in the future of the automobile: new energy sources, traffic management systems, production technologies ...

Manufacturing & Related Functions
97 locations in 17 countries and one common production chain – for those with a passion for technology and logistics ...

ales & Marketing
It's your job to get our engineering innovations on to the roads. You need to know what customers want, and how to optimize our products, market position and earnings ...

Procurement & Supply
Aside from a talent for diplomacy, your strengths lie in negotiation and communication. Talking to suppliers is one example of where you can put these to use as a Daimler employee.

Finance, Leasing & Banking
Apply your skills to help develop and roll out innovative financial products which give our private and corporate customers around the world more scope to get out on the road.

Finance & Controlling
An entire multinational corporation relies on your joined-up thinking and your ability to develop future-proof tools for finance and information management.

Information Technology
Use your IT skills to help us bring mobility to the roads. Without functioning business processes, vehicle applications and production facilities we may as well be in standby mode.

Human Resources 
Do you have a sixth sense for the trends and challenges shaping the human resources departments of tomorrow? If you can also show a talent for process thinking, then this is the vocation for you. 

Corporate Functions
You like to set the pace? Especially what concerns innovations? Then apply for our Corporate Functions.