Daimler Knowledge College
Gives Orientation & Sharpens your Profile

For the Daimler Knowledge College, we are inviting students who are currently enrolled in universities or colleges to attend workshops at Daimler and therewith satisfy their thirst for additional knowledge.

The Daimler Knowledge College offers know-how and exciting insights. The workshops will be lead by experts, focussing on soft skill trainings. These workshops provide a forum for students from different regions in Germany to exchange and share their experiences among the group.

In 2014, we offer the following three workshops: "Job Choice - From Lucky Guess to Direct Hit" or “Strengthen your Strengths” and “Intercultural Sensitivity”.

Are you interested in attending the Daimler Knowledge College?
If so, we would like to invite you to find more information about the Daimler Knowledge College and the application process in  German.